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No! Never!

Be careful, very careful what you ask for, because sometimes it may happen when eventually Mummy and Daddy get very, very tired of you saying No! Never! every time they ask  you to do something, like go to bed, or have a bath.

In this hugely enjoyable book No! Never! from Libby Hathorn and Lisa Hathorn-Jarman we meet a lovely, sweet little girl called Georgie, who has until just about now, always made her parents very, very happy. Like most little people of a certain age, probably about four years old, she discovers two little words, No! Never! and also figures out that when she uses these words all sorts of different reactions take place.

Georgie thinks this is pretty terrific actually, until her parents start to do the same thing. Every time Georgie wants to do something they say, No! Never!

Charming, very funny and all too real, this delightful, cautionary tale is one parents will absolutely enjoy reading to their children, regardless of whether they are at that certain age. The text is large and bold, the illustrations from debut illustrator Mel Pearce, capture perfectly the antics of a small child when they discover they have ‘the power’ in the household and set out to use it, often with maximum effect.

No! Never! written in rhyming text to add to the fun of the story, is the perfect addition to any family library.

AuthorLibby Hathorn and Lisa Hathorn-Jarman. Illustration's Mel Pearce.
PublisherHachette Australia
DistributorHachette Australia
ReleasedApril 2020