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Norman the Knight Gets a Fright

In this gloriously colourful, rhyming text romp across the pages of life as very brave knight, Mark Sperring and Ed Eaves have created a marvellous fun filled read, which will delight the hearts of readers young and old.

Norman the Brave needs some knaves, that’s helpers in knight language, to help him to be the brave and dashing knight he thinks he should be, so he puts up a sign asking for help to get ready for royal parades and other such knightly duties.

The list of jobs this brave knight needs to be done go on and on and on, as his socks need to be darned, his pants need to be ironed, his bath needs filling up with pails of water and his armour needs to be cleaned, just to name a few of the jobs he needed done.

But there came a time when Norman the Brave had to live up to his reputation, when he had to attend a Fearsome Test on his way to the Royal parade ground, which means he has to go through a dark and dangerous forest where dragons appear, as well as brigands and bandits all wanting to chase poor Norman the Brave.

As it turns out Norman is not quite so brave after all, as he has to call for his helpers to save him and after the Fearsome Test, when Norman the Braves pants need to be washed and ironed yet again, perhaps his helpers don’t want to be helpers after all.

This is a lovely riot of a tale or two, with a careful little message tucked away in the pages about being kind and thoughtful to everyone you meet, and all the people that help you, because if you don’t they may take on a new job offered by a magician!

Once again a lovely storyline wrapped about with huge, larger than life characters which will make interesting discussion points, dragons that breathe masses of colourful fire, brigands worthy of dark, secret forests and helpers who start out happy and cheerful, but end up looking for another job! And of course a brave and vain knight, who turns out to be not so brave after all!

Hugely fun to read and enjoy!

Author Mark Sperring. Illustrations Ed Eaves
Publisher Bloomsbury Childrens Books
ISBN 9781408873991
Distributor Bloomsbury Childrens Books
Released August 2018