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This brightly coloured Picture Book shows Lila, on the front cover, riding a giraffe while standing up. Instantly we realize that there are no obstacles that Lila can’t overcome. The end page of the book shows the female bear- like Lila, sword fighting, playing cards with an elephant and riding on a magic carpet. Is there nothing this girl can’t do?

 As the story begins, we find out that what Mum wants Lila to do, and what Lila is doing, are vastly different. Mum needs Lila to put on her shoes. When this doesn’t happen Mum asks “Lila, what are you doing?” The reply is “Nothing”, however, we can see in the picture that Lila is under the table fighting a fearsome beast, trying  to make it her pet. Instead of putting on her coat, Lila is gazing at a scarf, and guessing how she could play with it. As Mum and Lila progress on their journey to meet Grandpa, Lila’s imagination is constantly whisking her away, by horse drawn chariot, and other means.

 When they meet Grandpa he is curious to learn what Lila has been doing. “Nothing”, is her standard reply. Grandpa is amazed when he knows that instead of sitting on his shoulders, Lila is at the top of the tallest tree. He is very excited and joins Lila, flying through the air; “Pretend is so much better with a friend”  

 The illustrations in the book are simple and colourful. The text is in large print, with occasional words enlarged, or printed in a different font for emphasis. Lila’s imaginary play transports her into a different realm, and it is probably only parents who have “Dreamy “children who will relate strongly to this.

  The conversations arising from reading this with a child would be such fun.

Author Yasmeen Ismail
Publisher Bloomsbury Children
ISBN 9781408873359
Website http:/
Distributor Bloomsbury/Bloomsbury Publishing Australia
Released September 2016