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Off We Go Around Australia

Roland Harvey has the most unique style of going travelling in Australia and what’s more, we can all go with him. In his latest series Off We Go Around Australia he has gathered together four of his favourite holiday adventures and decided that rather than just go on one adventure, we should all go on the round trip from the tip of the Top End to the shores of Western Australia.

But naturally there is one problem which is Uncle Kev. His very mysterious clues are everywhere, but somehow, no matter how hard they try, they never seem to be able to find him.

The fun begins at Crabby Spit when the family go on a normal holiday and write postcards back to Grandma, which are also illustrated in the carefully structured pictures made by Roland Harvey, so that you can be part of the holiday. Each page is full of wonderful things to find and enjoy, so even if you don’t want to read the postcard, you can just look at the pictures and join in the fun.

Of course you need a map when you go on holidays, especially when you are trying to find Uncle Kev,  so on the end pages of the book you will find the map and the Key to where they went on their very long holiday, along with Uncle Kev’s Key to the Wildlife to be discovered.

The trip to the Top End looks like a massive zig zag across the middle of Australia where they saw wondrous things and went underground at Coober Pedy, before heading off to Western Australia, were the search for Uncle Kev begins to get serious!

Visiting Monkey Mia they stopped to see the dolphins, before eventually arriving at Broome and riding a camel along Cable Beach, but the adventure was not over, as they needed to move on to Wombat Flats out in in the bush for a very special adventure.

Fun filled with so much interesting information Off We Go Around Australia, combines a unique style of armchair travel to intrigue and fascinate, with detailed illustrations combined with enough facts and figures to keep the most avid explorer interested.

Hours of fun can be had simply trying to find all the Wildlife listed in Uncle Kev’s list, let alone retracing the journey and finding your own adventures on every page.

Author Roland Harvey
Publisher Allen & Unwin Children's
ISBN 9781760526740
Distributor Allen & Unwin Children's
Released March 2021