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Oliver Kitten’s Diary

Oliver Kitten’s Diary is a delightful tale that has charm, humour and interest for most readers. It is definitely a cat lovers delight which could be shared with any age group, at any time. The story takes the form of a diary and outlines Oliver’s activities and experiences from day to day.

The story begins with an introduction by Oliver. He explains where he was born (Mother moved the family from the Fire Engine) and his early days with the old men. The oldies decided they needed to adopt the kittens out and so families came to choose a pet.

Mother was annoyed by this as she had not had a chance to teach the young ones all they needed to know. However, people came, and Richard seemed a kind fellow with good manners. He and Sophia had two children, Lucy, and Clint. So it was that they chose Oliver to come and brighten their home. There was also an old lady called Nan at home, who set up a warm bed for the cat. Together with a garden for hunting this was all a kitten could need.

From here, each day is written about, describing Oliver’s adventures and discoveries. He had found goldfish which beckoned like a beacon, and mice which hid cleverly but quietly. There was the baby to contend with (she felt it’s alright to pull tails), and best of all Lucy, who knew just how to pat one’s fur.

This charming story will be enjoyed by young and old alike. The humour and modesty (not) of Oliver and his naïve interpretations of human actions and deeds will ensure the reader smiles readily. Great fun to read together.

Author Gareth St John Thomas
Publisher Exisle Publishing/EK Books
ISBN 9781922539359
Distributor Exisle Publishing
Released November 2022