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Olobob Top: The Olobobs and Friends Activity and Sticker Book

The Olobobs and Friends are back with a book filled with fun, activities and a huge range of great stickers so much more to be enjoyed at any time.

Brightly colourful as fits the world of the Olobobs, there are mazes, quizzes, puzzles, 250 stickers that need to find their homes within the book and heaps more fun things to do.

There are some very interesting characters such as the baby ‘snoof’, who has fallen out of its nest. Can you help it get back safely? Large, white spaces are provided for you to create your very own Olobob and then perhaps invite them to the Sleepover you are going to plan.

Interesting brightly coloured shapes all live in the Olobob forest which can make eyes, noses and ears to find some very new, very funny friends. Crunch lives in a tree house where she has a library and heaps of stickers to choose books their friends and yours, might like to read.

Great fun to be had, along with a ton of creativity to be achieve in the wonderful, zany world of the Olobobs and their friends. Come and join them having great fun!

AuthorLeigh Hodgkinson and Steve Smith. Illustrations leigh Hodgkinson.
PublisherBloomsbury Childrens Books
DistributorBloomsbury Childrens Books
ReleasedMay 2019