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One Christmas Wish

Based around numerous Christmas stories One Christmas Wish discovers just what can a happen when a wish is granted.

Theo is home with a babysitter. It is Christmas Eve and he has found an old box well sealed with lots of old Sticky tape. The challenge is to get it open without damaging the box, himself or whatever is hidden inside. When he finally gets it open there are four very old Christmas decorations: a rocking horse, a robin, a tin soldier and an angel.

He decides even though they are all a bit damaged he would hang them on his Christmas tree and it might make it feel a bit like Christmas. The only gift under the tree is an envelope filled with gift vouchers as it is all his busy parents have had time to buy. They have not even had time to buy a turkey!

As the evening progresses he looks out of the window and thinks about many things, mainly about the fact that he is very lonely. His Mum and Dad are busy at work, his normal babysitter Mrs Goodyere could not be with him and the new one is asleep in the kitchen.

He sees a rather strange star crossing the sky; it was blinking red and green and his father had always said when you see a shooting star make a wish. Theo made a very big wish.

Immediately a rustling noise sounded behind him, which was really creepy, as it was coming from the Christmas tree. When he was brave enough to take a look he saw the robin, the tin soldier, the rocking horse and the Angel trying to get down from the tree.

And that was when the very, very first piece of Theo’s wish began to come true.

Katherine Rundell has created a poignant story about love and treasuring all the important aspects of life, as Theo and his band of very unlikely friends set out to make a little bit of a difference in the very best of ways.

Illustrated by Emily Sutton she adds a rich ‘old fashioned Christmas’ ambience to this lovely Christmas tale at a time of year when magic truly can happen.

A book which will become a family treasure.

AuthorKatherine Rundell. Illustrations : Emily Sutton
PublisherBloomsbury Children
ReleasedNovember 2017