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Pet This Book

This sturdy picture book has all the attributes for a very young reader to enjoy. It has a strong cover and light board pages resistant to dropping, chewing and sleeping with. It tells a story about animals, which are easily recognisable and pictured in a very large size.

The text is in rhyme, which is easy to memorise, and easy to repeat. The text also offers actions, such as patting the cat, and making the noise of a happy cat, PURR! PURR! PURR! We are introduced to a range of animals such as parrots, dogs and lizards, with an invitation to mimic their noises.

Thought has also been given to the care of pets. Their need for water to drink and a bath if they are dirty is shown. Food and feeding pets is also pictured, and as the rhyme says “Someone to love…”

Pet This Book is a great way to introduce responsible pet ownership to the youngest children. The author has carefully presented the text in a simple but concise way, while the illustrations are large, but have enough detail to maintain interest. The colours used in the illustrations are bold and varied. This is an excellent book for a first library collection.

Author Jessica Young. Illustrations Daniel Wiseman
Publisher Bloomsbury Childrens Books
ISBN 9781681198620
Distributor Bloomsbury Childrens Books
Released August 2018