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Pop the Pig

This colourful game is well presented in a sturdy box and suitable for 4 years and over. It is not recommended for younger children because of the small pieces made to look like hamburgers.

To begin the game the pig has to be prepared. His arms need to be put down and Pigs back closed. The game consists of a plastic pig, a dice, and small coloured hamburgers. The first player throws the dice.  The colour that comes up on the dice, will dictate the colour of the hamburger you choose. The player collects the hamburger which has a number on the back. The hamburger is put into the pig’s mouth and his head pressed down to match the number on the hamburger. The player who pops the pig’s belt is the winner.

For younger children this game will have great appeal. It requires a short concentration span, physical activity in rolling the dice as well as pressing the pig’s head, along with number and colour recognition. Each round takes a short time until the pig pops, and it is time to reset and play again.

Anticipating the popping of the pig aids concentration in an enjoyable way. Lots of fun for littlies.

Distributor Crown and Andrews/Goliath Games
Released 2017