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Powman 2 Discover The Strength Within

School is recently returned from the summer break, with children settling into the new classes, schools and routines. For many the transition is easy, but for a few, the going is not so great as Francis Claire Tabain or Frankie to her friends, discovered when she had to begin at the Diamond Karate Academy for bright and talented athletes.

Once the excitement settled, as she had won a scholarship to this prestigious school, which was awesome, right, she realised, she was to be a Boarder, which meant separation from her BFF Gemma and her family, for the whole time of the first term. Oh Boy, should she ever have read the fine print!

Frankie begins her new school life with a positive feeling which soon ends with her becoming the victim of some terrible smash-lighting and bullying by some of the girls in her class. What is she to do?

The more she tries to fit in the worse things seem to get, until she decides to enlist the help of her famous cousin Dave POW Tabain and his POW plan. POW stands for Power of Words and a few other things, just in case you need to use Dave’s POW plan.

Fighting back against bullying is never easy to do, as all you ever want to do is fit in, make friends and enjoy life. In this very classy look at bullying and fighting back, Dave shows Frankie a good plan to use to get her back into fighting condition, karate that is, once again.

Frankie also realises, once she understands what has been happening to her, that while the other girls have been shunning and tormenting her, she has put her energy into working harder, becoming better at her grades and far, far better at her Karate.

Perhaps, now that she is refocusing it is far easier for Frankie to understand the bullying behaviour is not about her, but about how the bully feels and thinks about themselves.

POW man Discover the Strength Within, along with suitable cartoons from Shane Ogilvie, sets out exactly what bullying behaviour can be like, while showing the way out of the stress and distress this can cause, and is completely suitable, actually 100% suitable, for children of all ages.

Author ave Pow Tabain & Nadia Worland Illustrated by Shane Oglivie
Publisher New Holland Publishers
ISBN 9781760791469
Distributor New Holland Publishers
Released March 2020