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Princess Snowbelle and the Snow Games

The sparkling cover of this book gives us an idea that the story inside will be full of glitter and princesses, and snow. The soft covered paperback Picture Book, has cartoon type illustrations and plenty of colour. Set in Frostovia, the Princess is waiting with her brothers for the Snow Games to begin. The children are very excited and quite sure they will win their events. After all, they have been practising very hard.

The Royal families gather together for the beginning of the games and the children all line up, sure of their own strengths and success to come. Oh Dear!  Noel, who has developed a super-fast sledge is tipped off. As the games progress each family wins an event, then loses one. The children are very competitive, but also aware of the importance of friendship and fair play.

When tragedy strikes, the game is forgotten and rescuing a friend is the most important thing on everyone’s mind. A great solution is agreed to by the children and they have a great deal of fun helping each other. The chilling games are finished off with buttered crumpets and hot chocolate.

The children are encouraged by their parents to be competitive, but to embrace the idea of fairness and friendship. The text is quite lengthy, but suitable for reading aloud, with colourful illustrations full of wonder. An enjoyable book for the early reader.

AuthorLibby Frost
PublisherBloomsbury Children
DistributorBloomsbury Childrens Books
ReleasedNovember 2018