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Ravi’s Roar

Tom Percival is back with the latest character Ravi the tiger roaring his way through Ravi’s Roar, in Percival’s series on emotions and mental health for young children.

Ravi is the smallest member of his family, he is even smaller than their dog Biscuits, which mostly he does not mind, but sometimes, just sometimes, he does mind, just a little, until one day he minded a lot.

One day, Ravi and his family, as well as Biscuit the dog went on a picnic. There was a race to the train; Ravi came last and of course things just seemed to get worse and worse. The final, final straw was when he was the last one to reach the ice cream seller, only to discover there was no more ice cream left.

He felt his face getting redder and redder until he let out a mighty roar: a roar so loud and so ferocious he felt like a tiger. He even felt like he had grown a tail, some ears and some very tiger like strips. He roared at his family who were rather scarred of him, he roared his way around the playground, he roared so much that eventually no one would play with him, and he felt very lonely and very, very silly.

In his lovely understated style, accompanied by bright, cheerful, funny and very telling pictures, Tom Percival has created the perfect vehicle for parents dealing with temper tantrums, as their young children learn to deal with a range of emotions while also learning how best to understand and express their feelings.

Every parent of small children needs to add this book to their collection to help them deal with those bad days when their beloved child very definitely turns into a whiskered, long tailed, stripy, ROARING, tiger!

AuthorTom Percival
PublisherBloomsbury Childrens Books
DistributorBloomsbury Childrens Books
ReleasedSeptember 2019