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Safari Pug

Pug is back in his third adventure, but it is one he really would rather not be having, because it means that he has to meet a Lion! And he is not very happy.

Lady Miranda has had a bad dream, where she thought here were lions in the wardrobe, but of course there was not, but she scared not only herself, but Pug as well. He was sleeping soundly on the end of the bed as always, when her yelling woke him up.

When the morning finally came, Lady Miranda decided that she and Pug, mostly Pug, needed to go and meet a Lion, at the Safari Park, of course, not in Africa. She called for a picnic hamper to be prepared, asked her Running Footmen Will and Liam to bring around the Sedan Chair and off they went.

But when they got there the lady at the gate would not let them go in as the Sedan Chair was not a car and it was far too dangerous. While they were trying to figure out how they could get in to meet a Lion, a Very Important Person arrived and they went in with her.

And that is where the adventure really begins because it turned out the Very Important Person was not very nice and was up to absolutely no good at all.

Of course Pug and Lady Miranda become involved in the problem and somehow, in spite of finally getting to meet a real life-sized Lion, win the day.

A fabulous fun read for early readers and a great adventure as well. The illustrations by the talented Eglantine Ceulemans simply add to the fun.

Author Laura James. Illustrations Eglantine Ceulemans
Publisher Bloomsbury Childrens Books
ISBN 9781408866405
Distributor Bloomsbury Childrens Books
Released November 2017