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Santa Claus vs the Easter Bunny

Looking at the cover of this Picture Book is a bit of a shock, as the looks on the faces of Santa and Easter Bunny are not happy and friendly. As it is written by Fred Blunt, we know to expect some humour but both the characters look quite grumpy.

As the story unfolds, we see that Santa and Bunny live next door to each other. And then the great injustice that has Bunny looking so cross is revealed. He has to do all of the work to prepare and deliver his eggs without any helpers. (Which is why you sometimes find them scattered all over the garden.) No factory for the rabbit, or elves to make and wrap presents, and no reindeer to help with the deliveries. To compound his miseries, no one ever leaves out a carrot for Bunny.

There needs to be some plan made to bring these injustices to the fore, and Bunny hatches a plan. However, the cunning plan backfires, and children everywhere celebrate an unusual but very happy Christmas. The plan also means that Santa is eternally grateful to the rabbit, and more plans are made.

This is such a happy book to read and such a wonderful solution to the problem. The illustrations are a great addition to the story and the details allow much scanning of the pages to check for witty details. The tiny snail needs to watch out for a delivery of carrots. The colours of the pages are bright and infectious with smiles. Santa’s girth is truly extraordinary. The text is broken up with many illustrations and the font is a good size. A book to be read all year and enjoyed.

AuthorFred Blunt
PublisherA&U Childrens
DistributorAllen and Unwin Childrens
ReleasedNovember 2018