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Santa Jaws

Christmas is approaching beneath the shimmering blue sea. Shelly the shark is very excited and puts on her Santa suit. She has decked out her cave in festive style and has put a welcome sign on the door. She is waiting for a visit from her fishy friends. As time passes no one comes to her home. It is likely to be a sad and lonely holiday for the shark until, Sid the Squid knocks on the door.

The front cover of Santa Jaws is eye catching, with a smiling shark, dressed as Santa. The glittery writing adds a festive feel. The illustrations throughout the book are splendid. Most are large, but with enough detail to compliment the story. The text is sometimes placed at the top of the page, sometimes at the bottom and sometimes it weaves through the page.

With such a creative story, a special style of writing is needed. Mark has used a lyrical, rhyming text perfect for the genre. “Down beneath the ocean waves, it’s almost Christmas Eve…”  Young readers will be enthralled by the tale of Christmas, Shelly the shark, and Sid the Squid.

Author Mark Sperring. Illustrations Sophie Corrigan.
Publisher Bloomsbury Children's Books
ISBN 9781408897829
Distributor Bloomsbury Children's Books
Released November 2020