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Saying Goodbye to Barkley

Barkley and Super Olivia went everywhere together. The fought the bad guys, had fun at the park and just simply hung out together, until one day Mum said it was time for Barkly to retire; Olivia was sad as things just were not the same at all; fighting the bad guys on her own was terrible, as the bad guys kept getting away with doing bad things.
And then one day Barkley was gone; his basket was empty and Olivia was very, very sad, so sad she hated waking up in the morning and knowing Barkley was not there.
One day she had an idea and truly believed this would be what Barkley would like her to do. She talked to Mum and although Mum was a bit reluctant, she finally agreed.
Can you possibly guess what Mum and Olivia decide to do?
Devon Sillett and Nicky Johnston have captured perfectly that unique bond between children and animals and the sadness that is all too real as they discover that even their beloved furry friends eventually must leave.
Beautiful illustrations along with nicely phrased text present one of life’s certainties, as Olivia begins to understand that although Barkley has gone, there is still so much room in her heart to make new friends with a funny, furry bundle called Spud, even if Spud is a hopeless sidekick.

Author Devon Sillett. Illustrations Nicky Johnston
Publisher Exile Publishing Pty Ltd
ISBN 978-1925335965
Distributor EK Books
Released March 2019