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Scary Hairy Party

There’s great excitement because everyone, including you, has been invited to a party at Monsters house and it should be really scary fun, starting at 3 o’clock, so make sure you are all dressed up and ready, because everyone else will be.

Everyone is going to get their hair done for the event down at Raymond’s Hair salon and there is a long line waiting to get the nicest hairdo ever. But somehow things begin to go terribly, horribly wrong, when Bella the sheep’s hair stick likes glue and somehow the lid comes of a pot of green gloop lands all over Leo’s beautiful mane.

Oh Dear, everyone is in such a tizz.

This is a scary, silly, very funny story of what can go wrong but end up being so very right, with a huge amount of fun built in. The vividly coloured pages have been designed to interest the youngest readers, with illustrations created with flamboyance and flair, adding much to the very scary storyline.

Designed to be nothing more than a fun story, little people will have a heaps of fun finding all the different things that can happen when you get ready for a very scary party.

Created to illustrate Halloween, the storyline is very suitable for any time a party is going to be held and everyone wants to look their very, very best but sometimes, of course things can begin to go wrong!


Author Clare Freedman. Illustrated Sue Hendra
Publisher Bloomsbury Children
ISBN 9781408867174
Distributor Bloomsbury
Released October 2017