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Scary Mary and the Stripe Spell: Monty’s Island 1

Monty’s’ Island is the first in a new series from popular children’s author Emily Rodda, which creates an entirely new world, a slightly bonkers new world, focusing on an Island and magic that goes often terribly, funnily wrong!

Now of course the Island is magic, and of course magic things do happen there as well; the characters are larger than life, with a real-life monster called Hairy Horrible who hunts at night and lives in the jungle.

On this particular day, when all seems well, normal almost for the Island, a sliver streak is making its ways across the ocean to Monty’s Island with some startling news, that of the fearful pirate Captain Scary Mary and her awful crew. They are out on their pirate ship looking far and wide for a new Island to live on, as they have made such a terrible mess of theirs, and as everyone knows Scary Mary simply can’t read maps, so she could accidently find her way to Monty’s Island, which of course she does!

But thanks to some gone wrong magic from Bunchy and the little black box with a silver topped wand, found on the shore by Monty, a large pink flamingo blown ashore and some very amazing stripes, things could get very messy indeed.

Scary Mary and the Stripe Spell Monty’s Island 1 along with some fantastical cartoon illustration, has created a great chapter book for young readers which will capture their imagination and see them sailing the seas in search of Monty’s Island.

Author Emily Rodda
Publisher A&U Children's
ISBN 9781760529857
Distributor A&U Children's
Released March 2020