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See Hear

Teaching children about the senses can be a bit confusing, but in this interesting flip book, the author and illustrator have combined to make fun and imaginative stories to show what we see and hear. The picture book can be reversed, with one half of the book dealing with seeing, the other half with hearing. Characters from the author’s earlier award winning book return to introduce the senses to young children.

Piglet, Rabbit and Bunny show how we can track down and explore noises around us. By looking carefully they see small birds in a nest tweeting, and later we find piglet humming as he knits. There are also popcorn popping, pages of a book being turned, and when one goes outside, many different sounds abound. The sound of children playing is a happy sound, and the sound of the silent night sky is enchanting.

Halfway through the book, it is time to close it up and reverse the cover to read the story of “See”.  We meet the same characters, who introduce us to the many things we can see. Out in the garden you may see insects with “Crawling Spots,” or you may see “Squiggly Rain,” on the window pane. Cloud watching and snorkelling can also show us some marvellous things. Story books are a wealth of pictures that can take us too many places and imaginary lands.

The subtle, gentle illustrations reinforce the message that is being passed on. The text is often onomatopoeic and pleasing to read aloud. The words are kept to a minimum, meshing beautifully with the illustrations to provide a complete work. This is a lovely way for a young child and family to read together and learn.

Author Tania McCartney. Illustrations: Jess Racklyeft
Publisher Exile Publishing/EK Books
ISBN 9781925335675
Distributor EK Books/Exile Publishing
Released May 2018