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See this image Billie’s Book: Everyone is special

We are all special, and we are all different. This hard back children’s picture book sends the message very plainly that we need to respect and care for each other. Each double page spread shows how we can best work together and then the message is reinforced at the end.

The messages are simplistic and straight forward, such as “Let’s avoid bullying others” and “Be good and respect others”, which are reinforced with stylized drawings. Many topics are focussed on with a wide variety of suggestions given.  There is no story linking the statements, there are just individual topics, and it is as though the reader is being invited to complete the task. We are being invited to “Treat us equally.”

There are many points which can be raised as a discussion with children, based around the idea of getting readers to say how they could show respect, and how they could help, which is very good.  The author has a clear message to get through which is “Spread the kindness,” with her thoughts presented in a bold and straight forward way.

Author Ranjeeta Mayanglambam
Publisher New Holland Publishers
ISBN 978-1760790134
Distributor New Holland Publishers
Released July 2018