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Shadow Creepers

Shadow Creepers has a storyline crafted around the worries little and not so little people often have about the creatures that live under their beds, seeming only to appear after dark.

Now it is a true fact that many parents have denied that this is indeed a true thing, but it could also be said that sometimes Monsters do indeed live under the beds of those who also store their socks and underwear under there instead of in the washing basket!

Lucas is convinced there are indeed Monsters under his bed and although he considers he is old enough to know better, and his parents say that he has an overactive imagination, Lucas is truly terrified.

His best friend thinks he is a bit nutty about it but Martin, who is new to the school, believes him. Wow thinks Lucas; at least someone believes what he has to say.

So he and Martin set out to try and trap one of these very illusive Monsters; they organise a sleepover at Martins house and that is when things begin to get interesting, very interesting indeed, because Martin and Lucas have stumbled upon a world which they only guessed existed.

But, before they can do too much about what may be in another world, they find what they declare to be a Monster’s tail and a rather terrifying and awesome adventure begins in a world that may be real or may not.

Shadow Creepers is all about facing your fears and discovering that sometimes, just sometimes, there is really nothing too much to be afraid of, least of all Monsters under the beds. Just sometime they may live under the bed but only to enjoy the odour of dirty socks, play with the scattered toys on the floor and depending on who is visiting, enjoy a stray bug or two, but always, mostly always, with the kindest of reasons!

Author James Hewison
Publisher James Hewison
ISBN 9780648379317
Distributor James Hewison
Released 2019