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Sir Isaac Newton: Scientists Who Changed The World

Isaac Newton is a name that is synonymous with great discoveries in science, that of  the Law of Motion, what was then a new type of math called Calculus and gravity, but as he was born in 1642 in a small village in Lincolnshire, England to a wealthy farmer and his wife, how did he become such a great scientist and philosopher.

Anita Croy has carefully researched the life and career of Sir Isaac Newton and then created a wonderful book full of information beginning from his birth, early childhood, which was like a lot of other children in this modern world, and how he became fascinated with how, and why, things were as they were.

Croy’s moves on to his life at University, a time which set the course for his career, as he discovered during his studies, that there were more questions a than answers which made him begin to wonder what else was at work within the Universe, which for those times was pretty radical.

Throughout the pages of the books Scientists who influenced Newton and others who were inspired by his work, are introduced with exactly the right amount of information. As a great thinker Newton preferred to work alone and spent a considerable amount of time between publishing his findings to make sure the details were accurate.

This fascinating, thinking man was knighted by Queen Ann and was the first scientist to be awarded the honour of being buried in Westminster Abbey in London. He along with fellow scientists, Galileo and Robert Boyle, became known for their ground breaking work, and under the guidance of a group of forward-thinking philosophers, formed the cornerstone what was to become known as the ‘Age of Reason or the Enlightenment’.

Any young child who is at all interesting in science or finding out more about so many things in this world will enjoy Sir Isaac Newton and the two other books Charles Darwin and Rachel Carson, which form the new series Scientists Who Changed The World.

Beautifully presented in a style which will hold great appeal, Anita Croy has added a thoroughly modern touch to science, bringing alive a man who lived more than 400 years ago, which will hold great appeal. Sir Isaac Newton, while designed for young readers, will hold appeal for older readers who enjoy a relaxed and comic book style of presentation.


Author Anita Croy
Publisher Exisle Publishing
ISBN 9781925820713
Distributor Exisle Publishing
Released 2020