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Sir Scaly Pants and the Dragon Thief

In this rollicking, funtasticly funny storytale, loosely woven around the Knights of the Round Table, Sir Lancelot in particular, we meet Sir Scaly Pants, a brave and fearsome dragon, who was raised from an egg by a brave and noble Knight.

He grew up around good deeds and brave undertakings by his Knight, eventually graduating from Knight School. He set off to discover his very own first adventure on his trusty steed Guinevere, earning fame, as well as becoming the Kings new champion. He was truly famous throughout the land for his bravery. That is, until the King was plucked out of his saddle by a fearsome Dragon, who flew off with the King very firmly clutched in his talons!

Well, what an upset. The Queen was in tears, Sir Scaly Pants was horrified and so he and Guinevere, his trusty and also very brave horse, set out immediately to find where the dastardly Dragon had taken his King, getting lost along the way many times and meeting up with some very, very interesting characters indeed!

Every hoof print on the journey brought a fresh and new challenge to Guinevere and Sir Scaly Pants, as they charged about the countryside, determined to rescue the King, lurching from one problem and adventure to another, until it comes to a show down between the dastardly Dragon and Sir Scaly Pants.

What happens next, you may well ask, but to find out you are going to have to read the book, or find a grown up to read it with you!

This is a wonderful, funny, brightly colourful and fabulous romp across the pages with knights, dragons, adventures, fun and a little lunacy added to the journey, just to keep you guessing and entranced until the final page is reached.

Adults reading this story to little ones will also find a second tier of enjoyment woven throughout the story, which will make the children ask, why you are laughing so much!

Sir Scaly Pants and the Dragon Thief will definitely become a firm favourite for any time of the day.

Tremendous fun!

AuthorJohn Kelly
PublisherBloomsbury Children
ReleasedSeptember 2017