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Sleepy the Sloth

Sleepy is a Sloth and his family go back a very, very long time, 35,000 years to be exact; which is a very many great, great, great ,parents over the centuries.  The problem now is the Sleepy and his family are beginning to get very worried about the world they live in, the rainforests of South America, a place that humans are slowly changing from forest to farming. If this destruction of the rainforest  keeps on happening, they will no longer have a home and become extinct, like so many of their friends who used to live in other rainforests of the world.

Sleepy and his family are amazingly different animals and can live as long as 46 years and his cousins can live up to 30 years; they love to hang upside down, which for them is the best way to be, and have a very important role to play in keeping the rainforest healthy.

Sleepy and his family introduce themselves to you in this lovey book filled with great photographs of Sleepy and his friends, as they go about their daily work in their rainforests.

There are two and three toe sloths with big long claws, which help them as they live upside down! That’s right upside down and they can move their heads like an owl, which allows them to see everything going on around them. They move very slowly and curl up in a ball so they can sleep in the fork of a tree, just like koala’s do when they sleep during the day. They love to eat hibiscus flowers and only go to the toilet once a week!

Sloths have funny little faces but love to smile all the time, look really cute but are very strong and because it rains a lot where they live their fur often grows algae, making them look slightly green, but also acts a great raincoat.

Jan Latta, a noted wildlife photographer and author, has created a series of books for children on endangered species, which will help them understand the dangers to wildlife species. The last few pages of the book has a facts page, a ‘ Did you Know’  section, how to create your own Sloth book, a wonderful maze puzzle and a list of sites to find out so much more.

Bright and colourful with easy use of language Sleepy the Sloth is a lovely way to introduce young readers to wildlife conservation and the importance of the environment.

Author Jan Latta
Publisher True to Life Books
ISBN 9780980872743
Distributor True to Life Books
Released 2017