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Smek For President

In this long awaited equal to The Meaning of Smekday we again meet up with Gratuity and her alien off-sider J. Lo as they set out to once again right some wrongs as only they can do but in the meantime and before we get to that bit:……….

J.lo otherwise known as ‘The Squealer’ has been captured and returned to the detention nub in Sector 3. Captain Smek supposedly captured him single-handedly and now everyone, Boov’s that is, are calling for him to have his voice removed, the sooner the better.

Now, before J.Lo is operated on he gets rescued by Gratuity, otherwise known as ‘Tip’, in a daring episode, and between Captain Smek and the dastardly Dan Landry, both whom are running for President, there is some serious political rivalry is developing.

 This is interesting for those who have an interest in politics but for others, well, it is a part of the plot of course. Does this leave an opportunity for Tip and J.Lo to make the world a better place or not? Well, maybe!

Meantime, Tip and J.Lo have decided the way forward is to make a public apology to the residents of Boov World for his previous error of bringing the dreaded Gorg to their planet and creating a good deal of trouble.

The Boov public rather decided they liked this and the opinion polls in favour of J.Lo soon began to leave Captain Smek and Dan Landry well behind in the race for President.

And then, along comes a time machine of course, which may or may not solve the problem or create a bigger issue, and then, and then……………

Guess you will have to read the book to find out what really does happen in the end!

AuthorAdam Rex
PublisherBloomsbury Childrens