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Snow Ghost

Snow Ghost is a lost and lonely wraith. The illustrations in this story reflect her ethereal nature, and the pastel shades and misty outlines of the pictures heighten the feeling. The story is simple with two or three lines of text on most pages; the visuals tell the story so well.

The lonely ghost is seeking a home and some friends, but she senses that nobody in the villages she flies over would welcome her. On and on she flies, “Searching across the dark sky, but its cold, empty, loneliness causes her to sigh.” She passes over a wood but that is dark and gloomy, then she sees a farm and a small girl and boy playing outside. Could this be a place she could call home?

The charming rhyming text of Snow Ghost has an easy flow and combines well with the illustrations. The size of this hardback book, the gentle nature of the story and the splashes of colour at the end all serve to present an enchanting bedtime read. Snow Ghost is aimed at younger readers who will enjoy the details on the pages.

Author Tony Mitton: Ilustratins Diana mayo
Publisher Bloomsbury Children's Books
ISBN 9781408876633
Distributor Bloomsbury Children's Books
Released December 2020