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Snow Penguin

Little Penguin is always looking for something new; a new adventure, a new experience, really anything will do that make his world of snow, and water seem a little different. He is very curious to find out what lies outside of his everyday world.

So of course he sets out on an adventure, right at the edge of the ice, but unknown to him, his little piece of ice breaks off and he slowly floats into the unknown. An adventure was beginning to happen, and Little Penguin very soon found out what really was outside of his world.

When a huge, mighty whale and her calf swim right by his little ice flow, he laughs at the cute baby whale. A school of wild orca’s go darting past but when a sea lions gets woken up he is not to happy. Little Penguin sees a mother sea lion hugging her cub, and then begins to understand that adventures are perhaps not all that wonderful, especially when you are on your own and it is beginning to get dark.

Told in rhyming couplets, the words a have a wonderful, warm appeal in this delightful tale of adventure, tinged with caution, which so very many small children and their parents will enjoy, and in many cases, will relate to all too easily.

Alison Brown has captured the very essence of Little Penguins adventures in her lavishly created illustrations, offering so many things that can be discovered on every page to introduce small children to a range of Antarctic inhabitants, as Little Penguin’s adventure continues.

Snow Penguin is a delicious, feel good story, to warm the heart and one to be enjoyed time and time again.

AuthorTony Mitton. Illustrator: Alison Brown
PublisherBloomsbury Children
ReleasedNovember 2017