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So That’s How I Began

Children are curious little people, always asking questions, with an endless the desire to learn and understand new things in life. There comes a time when they want to know where they came from, how did they become them, how were they born and all the sometimes very awkward little bits of information so very necessary to know.

In this age appropriate look at “where did I come from”, 2019 style, Gina Dawson and illustrator Alex Mankiewicz have crafted an excellent book on birth, reproduction, couples, including a page on IVF and donor sperm, always a challenging area and one they handle very diplomatically.

So That’s How I Began can be read through from beginning to end or the relevant piece can be selected to answer the most pressing question of the moment. The illustrations are clear, quirky and very easy to understand, the language well considered and thought out to be easy to understand for a wide range of ages.

The book can be read by parents to children, which depending on the age, would help as there may be more questions raised than answered, but the slightly older child will, by reading it themselves, gain a clear understanding of reproduction.

Unfortunately, So That’s How I Began does dispel the time old of myths of being found in cabbage patches, or under mulberry bushes or even more amazingly magic, being carried by a Stork which are all lovely but not really all that informative for the modern-day youngster with a wide curiosity, which needs to be answered correctly!

This is the perfect book to enter into the conversation of feelings, puberty, and change with the modern child, broaching so many of what are definitely awkward subject matters with ease, respect and understanding with age appropriate language.

The final pages talk about being unique, which is a lovely and very salient point to draw to conclusion a most informative publication and reference book, that every family with young people should consider adding to their libraries.

Author Gina Dawson Illustrated by Alex Mankiewicz
Publisher New Holland Publishers
ISBN 9781760790233
Distributor New Holland Publishers
Released February 2019