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Some Families Change

The first page Some Families Change shows a busy street with a family moving into a house. The next page shows how families can change, sometimes getting smaller or bigger, or rearranging completely. Every family is different, and each has its own ways and people.

There are sisters and Nona’s and cousins and Uncles in extended families. Some families have two fathers and two mothers, some families have parents who work or who stay at home.

Families visit or stay awhile with each other, and older relatives die. Parents may live apart. Whatever your situation, sometimes feelings can make us sad. If you can find someone to talk to you will feel better, because there will mostly be someone who loves you.

The idea of families and their different compositions is a good base for discussion. However, for some children there is great bitterness and misfortune and not many chances to talk about their loss.

Some Families Change is a very helpful resource to help families guide their children through life’s many inevitable changes.

Author Jessica Galatola. Illustrations Jenni Barrand.
Publisher Exisle Publishing/ EK Books
ISBN 9781922539670
Distributor EK Books
Released May 2024