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Something I Said

Something I Said is a wonderful heartwarming story of life as a nerd; Car to his friends is a kid who really lives in what he considers is a perfectly normal universe, but really is a world of his own and his love of English literature, yep, English Lit! He also sees so many things in life as funny and really can’t understand why no one else thinks the same way.

Carmichael Taylor is thirteen years old, and in his own quirky way, trying to find out where he fits best in life. He hates geography but loves English Lit, enjoys being ‘witty’ even when he knows better and has a lot of fun at his and his families expense, as he uses them in his stories and also to try and sort out his place in family!

It’s his love of being ‘witty’ that finally lands him in some serious stuff, err trouble, having to take on the role of stand-up comedian in the school talent show, something he is more than delighted to do. His moment of fame, you know that one that is going to let the world realise how funny he is, turns to something far more than that, something he never, ever thought would happen when he set out to discover fame, but instead found infamy, embarrassment and well…….stuff!

Funny, honest, extremely witty and perfectly capturing the antics of the sometimes not so grown-up thirteen-year-old Carmichael Taylor, the epitome of many a young teen as they discover life’s boundaries and how far they can stretch with often unexpected and sometime funny results.

Something I Said from Ben Bailey Smith is the absolutely perfect read for teens as it presents in a very funny, heartfelt style the angst that can happen and the lessons to be learned as the pathway travelled does not always turn out to be as straightforward as it first seemed. Especially when you are Carmichael Taylor!


Author Ben Bailey Smith
Publisher Bloomsbury Children's Books
ISBN 9781526628688
Distributor Bloomsbury Children's Books
Released July 2021