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Space Detectives

Back with more rollicking fun in space, Mark Powers has discovered another zany case to be solved in Space Detectives. Connor and Ethan have moved on from their last adventure, or rather case, to go and spend the summer with Uncle Nick, to help him out running his ice-cream stand on Starville, a fantastically out-there sort of place, which is great, but really they would rather have another case to be solved after their last success.

Somehow it is not too long before what could be another case comes along, via their new found friend Edwina and a strange mutant virus that sends the ice-cream machine into a frenzied sort of meltdown. According to their findings, also involving Edwina, who is a serious technology wiz and a series of codes, Starville is on a collision course with the moon and if something’s not done very quickly then it will be BOOM!

Connor figures out that somehow the settings for the orbit of Starville have been changes for some dastardly reason, but who would do such a thing is yet to be discovered. In the meantime, Connor and Ethan find themselves at a very posh party hosted by Edwina’s mum, who is the Supreme Governor of Starville, which certainly does not go to plan.

Add in the terrifying Neptunian Rat Bots, a purple tufted Grotsnobbler, which created mayhem earlier in the book and you have a challenging mystery to solve.

Fantastic illustrations from Dapo Adeola allow the Rat Bots and Alice, the Grotsnobbler to truly come into their own personalities. What will their next adventure be, well I guess you just have to get the next exciting book from Mark Power and find out!

Author Mark Powers. Illustrations Dapo Adeola.
Publisher Bloomsbury Children's Books
ISBN 9781526603180
Distributor Bloomsbury Children's Books
Released March 2021