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Space on Earth

This children’s novel is quite a surprise. At first glance it seems to be about space, but the author has cleverly chosen to write about the objects and ideas that have become useful in our everyday life, which have evolved from inventions for space explorations. She has placed these creations under headings such as Technology, Health and Fashion. The ideas range from bathers to baby blankets and selfies to dementia.

In simple terms, the author questions whether you have used a drill or a dust buster. She then explains that when Black & Decker were looking at cordless technology NASA realised that it would be very helpful for the astronauts to use, so they worked with the company. A drill was developed to take rock samples from the moon and the dust buster was a spinoff of this invention. To enhance the chapter there is a small section following which discusses the scientist who was responsible for this creation.

NASA were working on developing food for astronauts. They needed nutritional food that would be long lasting. They began working with a company called Martin Marietta, who were examining tiny algae which could use sunlight to produce energy. The scientists found that this alga could produce omega 3 fatty acids which are necessary for good health. Eventually it was included in baby formula to produce healthy milk for babies. At the end of most chapters there is a section for amazing facts, which relate to the invention. Also, we meet the scientists responsible for discovering the algae and its function.

The simple language along with the setting out of this book make it an excellent resource for younger readers. The book can be opened at any topic, and the section on “Amazing Facts” and “Meet The Scientist” enhance the concept discussed. There are small black and white drawings which add to the understanding of the invention. This book is a must in the Library of any young scientist or inventor.

Author Dr Sheila Kanani. Illustrated Del Thorpe.
Publisher Alma Books
ISBN 9781846884559
Distributor Bloomsbury Childrens Books
Released August 2019