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The cover of this book will be a magnet for children. The colours and the shiny paper, the animals and their tracks will attract many little hands. I find it irresistible and can’t wait to open the book and read. For our country and cultures to be celebrated in this style is a special achievement. Proceeds from this book will go towards “Indi Kindi”, a literacy programme developed by Ros Moriaty for young indigenous children.

Illustrated by Balarinji, an Aboriginal design and art studio, the colours are bold and rich. The art style is primitive and eye catching. The basic colours on the page are graduated. Each double page has one particular colour which is darker at the base and lighter / white at the top of the page. Most of the text is written in the lighter colours at the top of the page for easy reading.  Some of the colours are green, purple, ochre, brown , and red . The drawings are full of movement and intrigue and fully support the text.

The text itself has one large word at the top of the page, such as “SPLOSH” and then an explanation related to the billabong. The repetition of the word placement assists younger readers, while the drawings bring the words to life. It is a delightful book to read aloud and to enunciate each word. “Swirl for the ripples spun by fish in the shallows”.

At the end of the book the whole story is retold in Yanyuwa language, allowing children to compare words in English and in the Aboriginal language. This series is designed for young children, but is guaranteed to give pleasure to most age ranges because of the stunning art work and the onomatopoeic language. The child, who is telling this story and having such fun, invites us to try hand prints and to draw a picture of the water hole as well.


Author Ros Moriarty, illustrated by Balarinji
Publisher Allen & Unwin Childrens
ISBN 9781760112127