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Squish Rabbit’s Pet

In this charming story of Squish Rabbit’s Pet from Katherine Battersby, dreaming big is celebrated with a terrific adventure undertaken by Squish, who really, really wants a pet.

Squish knows he is a toy rabbit who loves to dream about so many things; fields full of lovely juicy carrots, matching outfits for him and his best friend Twitch, but most of all he decides he would really love to have a puppy as a pet.

Now as you all know, sometimes, dreaming big is terrific, but you don’t always get what you dream about and truly want, so Squish had to have a very serious think about how he could have a pet puppy, but more importantly where would he find one!

Squish finds a lost egg while he was out walking one day, deciding that he would hatch his own pet and so, he went home and read everything he could about looking after his precious egg. But then, after a little time had passed, he realised that perhaps whatever was hatching in the egg, may not be what he wanted. What was he to do!

In this cute and cheeky tale from the beloved Squish Rabbit, children are guided into a world of making choices and all the many things that need to be considered, with the use of well selected vocabulary, making the story suitable for young and beginner readers.

The quirky illustrations, clear and well crafted, add so much fun to this lovely homily from Squish Rabbit as he, along with some help from his friend Twitch, makes a momentous decision.


AuthorKatherine Battersby
ISBN978 0 7022 6046 9
ReleasedApril 2019