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Stanley the Amazing Knitting Cat

This is an animal story with a difference. Stanley the cat is a passionate knitter. He knits all the time, and wherever he can. He knits for his friends, who seem to be quite grateful for the warmth his garments bring.

 However, one day Stanley sees a poster for a knitting competition, and decides to enter; the first prize being an endless supply of wool, as a reward for the wackiest creation. Stanley has knitted some pretty wacky things himself, such as neck warmers for giraffes, and balaclavas for bunnies, but his ideas are endless. He knits faster and harder than ever.

 A problem arises when he runs out of wool, while knitting for the competition, and he has to unpick his friends garments and leave them shivering. On the day of the competition, his rather chilly friends arrive, but there is no sign of Stanley’s entry. Suddenly they hear a noise outside, and there he is, complete with his amazing creation. He has earned the judge’s approval and never runs short of wool again.

 The author’s talent as a freelance illustrator is obvious. This is a very colourful book, with many small details to follow in the art work. The wools and knitted garments are all bright, and surround the text, not interfering with the clarity of the type. Most of the background colours on the pages are pastel, allowing the animals and knitting to stand out.

 There are animals in the story, who are all good friend with Stanley, there is a problem to be overcome, and there is the amazing creation by Stanley which everyone can share in. The text in this picture book changes in size, and is clear to read. It certainly provides action with “Crash, Bang, Thud”, and gives clues to the pictures above. The book is well set out and will be sure to engage children with imagination. After all why don’t giraffes have neck warmers? 

Author Emily MacKenzie
Publisher Bloomsbury Childrens
ISBN 9781408860472
Distributor Allen & Unwin
Released February 2016