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Stephen Hawking

Scientists Who Changed the World

The Scientists Who Changed the World series is a great introduction to scientists and Science. We find that the famous men and women of science were once young boys and girls who played with their peers, often struggled at school, and came from families like ours. They were men and women who had a great intellect and were lucky enough to have their imaginations stimulated by someone. The common thread with these scientists is the burning curiosity which prompted them to seek answers to questions which intrigued them.

Always for Stephen Hawkins, it was the love of Maths. Suddenly he realised that by measuring space objects he could show how things began and continued to grow. Physicists were beginning to show that the universe followed mathematical rules. The invention of the Hubble Telescope allowed a huge amount of information to be gathered and studied.

Always aimed at a younger audience, this book is broken skilfully into areas of interest and colour. Interspersed with the story of Stephen’s life are chapters of his scientific works, always with the questions which he pondered. We learn about Hawking’s contemporary scientists who worked with him and brought fresh ideas to the study. Stephen also was curious about the probability of alien life forms and time travel.

Even though Stephen’s illness was a great impediment for him, it didn’t stop him from bringing the “geeky” subject of Theoretical Physics into people’s homes. He appeared in shows on Television such as “The Simpsons, Star Trek and Futurama.”  Thanks to him, we have all heard of Black Holes, and dark matter. This is a fascinating read for all ages and set out so well that it holds the attention of the reader.

Author Anita Croy
Publisher Exisle Publishing/EK Books
ISBN 9781925820720
Distributor EK Books
Released December 2021