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Dare to be Different: Inspirational Words from People Who Changed the World

Leaders, great artists and inspiring minds have something in common; they dare to be different. They realise that to make a positive impact on the world that they need to step out of the mold to make this unique creative contribution. However, this sometimes means they stand alone.

‘Dare to Be Different’ is the third in a series of ‘Dare to be Different’ compendiums by Ben Brooks.  His latest anthology of inspirational mini-biographies are of women and men of all ages, who have had a dream and gone on to achieve it, is arranged in alphabetical order by given name.

The subjects range from Plautus (254BC-184BC) to Anurudh Ganesan (born 2000) who invented the VAXXWAGON; some are well known while others have quietly gone about their business and remain generally under the radar. Even though the individuals come from the past and the present, all corners of the globe, all walks of life, every social strata, they each have a meaningful message to inspire the reader to greater heights.

The two-page biographies consist of one page of clearly written text accompanied by a vivid, full page illustration by Quinton Winter, which will maintain the child’s attention. This highly recommended, well rounded collection brings alive a wide range of amazing people. It will not only engage the reader but will pique the child’s interest to such an extent that she/he will undertake further research into the life of the subject.

 This inspiring book is for all children, as it teaches them that they can follow their dreams, to make a meaningful achievement in the area of their choice; adults too will enjoy the stories of people who have challenged the norms throughout history.

Author Ben Brooks. Illustrations Quinton Winter.
Publisher Quercus Books UK
ISBN 9781787476523
Distributor Hachette Australia
Released 2022