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Super Cats v Maximus Fang

Super Cats are back in a rip roaring adventure, but this time Tag and his friend Sugarfoot are going to be the agents in charge of the case, and what a case it is going to be, as arch villain Maximus Fang is going to use his super, super powers to control the weather and create a most horrible situation if left unchallenged.

Tag is very worried about being in charge as, even though he is a very good agent, sometime his powers are not always what they should be, and unfortunately, he makes somewhat of a mess out of his last training session, before he becomes a fully-fledged secret agent.

Sugarfoot is always by his side, as of course true friends are, but when they are given their first assignment, they both begin to understand the world of the top- secret agents and super villains is really, truly scary.

But as the smallest and youngest members of the super-cat family to take on dangerous villains, can these two, along with some outside help from the most unlikely cats, stop Maximus Fang before he unleashes his powers on the world and causes a major cat-as-trophy!

Perfect for beginner chapter readers and slightly more advanced readers who love a great storyline with fantastic illustrations, Gwyneth Rees and Becka Moor, bring Tag, Sugarfoot, Maximus Fang and the rest of the team to larger than life proportions, in yet another scary, fantastic adventure.

At the end of the book is a lovely section introducing all the Super-Cats, just in case you are new to the series, followed by a question and answer check list to see if your feline friend could be a super-cat in disguise!

How good can one book get.

AuthorGwyneth Rees. Illustrations Becka Moor.
PublisherBloomsbury Children's Books
DistributorBloomsbury Children's Books
ReleasedMarch 2020