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Swan Lake

Swan Lake, the beautiful story of a princess transformed into a swan, has been danced worldwide and was the creation of Russian composer Pyotr IlyichTchaikovsky for the Bolshoi Ballet, first premiering at the Bolshoi Theatre in Moscow in 1877.

Well known, the story of the beautiful princess Odette, transformed onto a swan by an evil sorcerer, is the combination of two Russian folk tales telling the story of good and evil, tragedy, loss and deception, retribution and betrayal.

Beloved of dancer’s word wide, Anna Spudvilas has transformed the story of Swan Lake thought the medium of illustration to introduce this beloved story to a completely new audience, with her beautiful images of the traditional tale. Set out as if this was at the theatre, Act I introduces the storyline where Odette meets the handsome Prince; they fall in love, declaring their love to each other for eternity.

Act II commences at the ball where Odette in her human form is to arrive after the stroke of midnight; But the evil sorcerer has bought along his daughter, disguised as the Swan Queen who has loved the Prince always. They dance and all things begin to change, as he mistakenly announces that she will be the one he will marry.

Once the Prince realises his terrible mistake he rushes into the night, but the sorcerer creates a huge storm. He and the Prince fight down at the lake where Odette and the Prince met and fell in love. The Prince eventually wins the fight, throwing the sorcerer into the lake.

The Prince finds the Swan Queen in despair but the promise cannot be undone.  Act III ends with Odette and the Prince realising they cannot live without each other and they allow the waters of the lake to enfold them, so they can remain together forever.

Anna Spudvalis has drawn her inspiration for the background to the work from the banks of the Murray –Darling where she lives, and has transposed this timeless and tragically beautiful story into ballet on paper.

Swan Lake is enchanting book which will bring joy to the heart of anyone who enjoys ballet, the story of Swan Lake and the simple pleasure of a beautiful story well illustrated and designed.

The work is not just for children, as adults reading and explaining the storyline to little ones, will find a depth to the illustrations which will touch the soul, presenting the very heart of all good Russian folk stories, and indeed of life itself, that of love and tragedy, there for all to behold!

Author Anne Spudvilas
Publisher Allen and Unwin Childrens
ISBN 9781743318454
Distributor Allen and Unwin
Released November 2017