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Tabitha and the Raincloud

Everyone has yucky days, sometimes right from the minute you get up, and nothing, but nothing, seems to be right. When Tabitha wakes up and nothing seems to feel right about this morning, she wonders why.

She gets up and right from then, things just simply don’t go right; there seems to be a rather nasty, dark rain cloud in her room, that will not go away. It follows her to breakfast, then to school which was bad enough, but when it kept on following her into the art class, then the library and even out into the playground, oh, boy, were things really BAD.

Even Tabitha’s friends said she was looking very stormy and did not really want to sit with her at lunch. Oh, dear indeed! How do you think Tabitha managed to get her raincloud to finally go away?

Tabitha and the Rain Cloud created by Peter Sillett along with Melissa Johns, is beautifully worded in lovely flowing text with clear illustration, making this is the perfect story for little ones who are struggling to understand their emotions.

Presented in clear, manageable language, one of life’s very necessary lessons is carefully explained with a light smattering of humour, helping little ones, and sometimes not so little ones, understand that everyone has bad days, and it is all about getting through them to find the sunshine on the other side. A lovely hard cover will ensure this is a treasured addition to little people bookshelves.

Author Devon Sillett. Illustrations Melissa Johns.
Publisher Exisle Publishing/EK Books
ISBN 9781925820133
Distributor EK Books
Released March 2020