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Tashi and the Wicked Magician

Tashi is a well-known, well-loved character who has been facing danger and adventures for many years. He is small in stature and his friends are the same size. This makes no difference when Tashi outsmarts wicked magicians or dragons.

 His stories are imaginative and contain cellars and dungeons and a few dragons.  Tashi can always find a way to outsmart the wicked ones and save his friends. Occasionally he needs saving as well, but that just adds to the shivers and fun.

This book will certainly be loved by young children. The book is beautifully illustrated with large full page illustrations at the end of each story so your own imagination has to work to keep up with the story. 

The illustrations are detailed and enhance the story. The hardback is presented in a smaller size, just right for small hands to hold. Each page has a border around it, almost containing the scary bits so they can’t escape from the book. When you see the expression of awe as Tashi examines the treasure chest, or the fierce-some look on the evil baron’s face it’s almost cuddle up time, although Tashi has not been outsmarted yet.

The book is divided into five stories, all of which engage and hold the attention of young children. The glossy pages add to the texture of the story and make the book a visual delight.

For 20 years Tashi has been in most reader boxes in Junior Primary classrooms and many children have read the series. A television adaptation of Tashi will appear on channel seven after November. I’m sure this will rekindle interest in the books, which are so distinctive in their presentation. There will be celebrations for such a famous character, something which will be eagerly awaited by young readers.

AuthorAnna Fienberg, Barbara Fienberg illustrated by Geoff Kelly and Kim Gamble
PublisherAllen & Unwin Childrens