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The Adventures of Clive

Clive is Clam who, while he likes his lovely watery world, has always wondered what the world outside was like. He dreamed that perhaps it was something like his world but somehow different.

Now there is an old saying,’ be very careful what you wish for’ as Clive was soon to discover. One day, when two children were visiting the beach, they found Clive in his beautiful, watery world and decided to take him home with them.

As he was taken from his pool and put into Adalyn’s pocket, he began to feel very frightened as his little world was turned upside down. When Clive reached her home he was put up on the shelf in the bedroom with the other toys, which while interesting, was far, very far, from his safe, happy little world and family.

Oh dear, what was going to happen to him; but this was just the beginning of his sometimes very scary adventures.

Diana Smith once again captures the emotions of Clive perfectly as she weaves them into as story of discovery for children to help them learn about being resilient, being grateful and to dream dreams that may one day take them far from their homes, before they too can return, a little older and wiser.

Next time you go to the beach and there is a rock pool full of interesting things, see if you can find Clive, tucked up safely in his lovely watery world, but do remember, while he likes to keep you company while you are at the beach, and loves a good adventure, he also likes to be left behind with his very own family of clams in his very special pool by the sea.

The Adventures of Clive has been beautifully illustrated by Ria Rosa with a soft spray-painting effect, which is then photographed; the children in the illustrations are family members and friends who enhance a gentle story of love and gratitude.

Author Diana Smith
Publisher Dianasmithbookstoinspire
ISBN 9780648153979
Distributor Dianasmithbookstoinspire
Released July 2020