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The Adventures of Miss Petitfour

The front cover and introductory pages of this book reveal who are intended audience. Most young girls who enjoy fantasy, cats, cakes and short stories, will be very happy to pick up this book.

The end pages are enticing with cups of tea and many different cakes and tarts. Like Mary Poppins, Miss Petitfour flies through the air, using a tablecloth as a parachute, and holding one cat’s paw.  The other cats hold on to the one in front.

First we are introduced to Miss Petitfour, who seems to enjoy baking, and mostly wears an apron.  Then we are introduced to her sixteen cats, all bearing names relating to their colour or behaviour.

“Mustard is the yellow of…, mustard, and he has a grey moustache.  Your Shyness believes that she is descended from royalty…….” There are five short stories in this book, and each one reveals a little bit about the main character, her cats and her adventures.

The sixteen cats are “Very fond of Arts and Craft,” and enjoy making costumes for themselves.  Quite often, it was necessary for all cats, and their Mistress, to fly to the “Sew a Lot” shop, where they purchased all the ribbons and accessories to make their decorations.

One day, it was discovered that the marmalade jar was empty.  A trip to the grocery store was needed.  However, when you use a tablecloth to fly, you are at the mercy of the wind, so calculations must be made.  Even then, during the flight, one of the cats grabbed hold of the Town Hall spire, and the group was stuck.  All ends well, as the grocer’s wife climbed up the spire and passed the marmalade to the cats.

Younger competent readers will enjoy these five short stories.  The author has chosen to write some words in coloured block letters.  “MEANWHILE (another word that opens stories like a key)” is the author’s way of showing children how the story has been composed.  Carlos was “pointing eagerly-one might say gesticulating-.” The word gesticulating is underlined and shows an alternative way of saying-pointing eagerly.

The stories are for younger reader, invite a suspension of disbelief and will be enjoyed by all who read along with Miss Petitfour and her sixteen cats!

Author Anne Michaels. Ill Emma Block
Publisher Bloomsbury
ISBN 9781408868041
Released December 2015