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The Awesome Book of Animals

There is a Polar Bear on the cover that says ‘the world’s most awesome facts in pictures’ and as you know, they are not very often wrong. So get set for a wonderful fact finding journey that will truly amaze you, as you discover so very much about so very much, and have the best fun as well.

Have you ever wondered just how far away the moon is really? Sometimes it looks very close and others so very far away or how far a Grey Whale might swim in its life time. I think you have!

Or perhaps what makes Animals Crackers? No, not the biscuits or what really is meant by Food for Thought.

Now you are beginning to think and seriously want to know the answers to these facts about animals and so much more. Now, no cheating by using the computer, as you will miss all the fun of going on a real fact finding mission!

Adam Frost has once again created a book for young readers filled with fun ways of learning all about those 101 things you always wondered about, but when you add them all up, do not make all the much difference in life, other than you now know the answer to that tricky intrigue, or can finally be considered a genius at Quiz nights.

Jammed packed fully of intrigue and discovery, colourful pictures and wacky, well sometime, information almost guaranteed to entertain and intrigue for hours and hours.

Get Miaow-T of Here’ is what the Hicks family said when they went on holidays to Australia with their cat Howie. But somehow or other Howie went missing. See if you can help them find him in the Australian Outback.

Have tremendous fun on your awesome fact finding journey.

Author Adam Frost
Publisher Bloomsbury Childrens Books
ISBN 9781408885130
Distributor Bloomsbury Childrens Books
Released October 2017