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The Ballad of Melodie Rose

The Ballad of Melodie Rose moves into a different time at Direleaf Hall, a different group of girls and of course a different challenge to be solved to when we first met the somewhat unusual residents that formed the captivating story of The Heartsong of Wonder Quinn.

Melodie Rose arrives at Direleaf Hall with a note pinned to her duffle coat. She realized she was dead about that time, but somehow she was not afraid, she was very peaceful, not happy, just peaceful. A lovely woman came to answer the door and she felt she knew this woman who said she was her grandmother.

She meets the other three girls who also live the otherworld of Direleaf Hall, all different all left somewhere in between, all ghosts all curious about the current events unfolding. She also gets to meet the few girls who still live at Direleaf Hall, those whose parents see the benefits of this fresh, outdoor but traditional school.

A woman dressed all in white keeps coming to the Hall wanting of buy it, but Ms Gallow will not sell the Hall to her. Time is running out thought and the four girls understand that all they hold dear, and all the other girls that live at Direleaf Hall love, is going to end. Forever.

What can be done to change the flow of events could be up the girls and of course the grumpy but loveable crow Hollowbeak, who is none to happy about being returned and separated from his beloved Wonder Quinn.

But things are not all they seem and as the time passes Melodie Rose, who once was noted for the beautiful voice, begins to realise perhaps she is not a ghost at all, but someone who was sent to help. Beautifully wrapped in longing and desire, Melody Rose learns what it means to understand what belonging, bravery and facing your fears is all about; courage.

Once again Kate Gordon has written a story that while slightly complex is beautifully worded to tell a tale that charms, enchants and intrigues in The Ballad of Melodie Rose.

Author Kate Gordon
Publisher UQP
ISBN 9780702263217
Distributor UQP
Released June 2021