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The Bookworm

Max wants a pet but his Mum and Dad are not so sure. He asks them for a puppy, then a cat, but does not want a goldfish as he thinks they are boring. After getting very tired of being told No, Max decides to find his own pet and investigates birds, sharks, penguins and even a dragon!

He eventually decided a worm he found in his garden would make the ideal pet, as it was small and could live in a bowl in his room. This was a very different looking worm as it had tiny legs, a very lumpy back and for the first few weeks seemed to like to live in the darkness of the earth in the bowl.

Eventually though, the worm decided to come out and make friends with Max who loved to read stories at night time. Actually ‘bookworm’ came to rather like having stories read to him. He and Max read about what worms like best to eat, but Max’s worm seemed to like things like hot curry and extra hot chilli chips, which was fine until one night, worm burped!

Debi Gliori has created a wonderful, slightly zany, laugh out loud world of children and pets in The Bookworm with the inbuilt homily, ‘be careful what you ask for’, because sometimes you get more than you ever believed possible.

The illustrations are in themselves, almost a separate story, intricate, and perfectly presented as a terrific vehicle filled with imagination to accompany the words, while also creating talking points for parents and their children about pets and the importance of choosing the right pet to become a family member.

A gorgeous, very funny treasure of a tale!

AuthorDebi Gliori
PublisherBloomsbury Childrens Books
DistributorBloomsbury Childrens Books
ReleasedSeptember 2019