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The Bushfire Book: How to Be Aware and Prepare

In the wake of the Australian summer on 2019/20 when bushfires, unprecedented in their fury blazed across Australia leaving tragedy and devastation in their wake, many children were left with a fear of bushfires, not understanding that bushfires are a natural part of life in Australia.

Polly Marsden found her family and friends were left with emotional issues and realised that there was very little written for younger people to help them understand more about the nature of Bushfires, what everyone can do to be prepared, how to go about learning more and knowing what to do should a bushfire blaze near you or your friends and families homes.

The text in The Bushfire Book: How To be Aware and Prepare has been carefully constructed to inform rather than create fear, with sufficient information on the many aspects of weather and fires in Australia, which encourages a great sense of understanding and acceptance of and on the vast, very different country in which we all live.

Illustrations from Chris Nixon while muted in colour portray a scenario many are all too familiar with, but highlight the information on the pages. An excellent section deals with the three ingredients needed to start a bushfire and the history associated with the First Nations knowledge of how to control bushfires.

The Bushfire Book: How To be Aware and Prepare is comprehensive, encouraging children of all ages, and their parents, to seek out further information, as well as the correct sites to go to when beginning to build a bushfire plan for your home and family

A great poster is included on How To Be Bushfire Smart focusing on the three main steps: Be Aware, Prepare and Share, simple things but little things than can be of vital importance over the coming summer months.

Author Polly Marsden. Illustrations Chris Nixon.
Publisher Lothian Children's Books
ISBN 9780734420077
Distributor Hachette Australia
Released August 2020