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The Chalk Rainbow

Zane has his own language and HATES the colour black, but like things to be in a straight line, simply will not cross over the road, and has some serious issues with the driveway at his home, which is causing his family a few problems.

Dad gets mad, Mum tries to explain things to Zane, but all he does is scrunch up into a ball and Scream! So what to do?

His sister thinks and thinks coming up with the very simple idea of a beautiful rainbow, a rainbow coloured brightly out of chalk, so that the black is no longer so black and can be fun to walk over. So now they have a rainbow bridge over the driveway and lots and lots of other amazingly, fantastic things which are all coloured “rainbow”.

Zane is so much happier; he laughs, he has adventures and when Mum and Dad learn to create rainbows as well, everyone’s life is so much more fun.

In this warm and comfortable manner of explanation, in regard to the  Autism Spectrum Disorder, (ASD) Deborah Kelly has offered an easy understanding of this challenging condition, which  will have wide appeal.

The colourful illustrations by Gwynneth Jones and the easy use of language make what can often be a difficult subject to discuss and understand, far more accessible.

Sensitive, as well as delightfully enjoyable with a good dose of fun added, makes The Chalk Rainbow a pleasure to read and be read, as well as an excellent teaching and discussion text for small children learning to accept that different is OK, just sometimes, you just have to come at the situation from a different perspective.


Author Deborah Kelly & Gwynneth Jones
Publisher Exile Publishing/EK Books
ISBN 9781925335453
Distributor EK Books
Released August 2017