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The Deep 1 Dragon Rider


Dragon Rider is a follow-on from the ABC TV series, THE DEEP, which was based on the Graphic Novel created by James Brouer. This is an action packed, fast moving story which features the Nekton family. The parents and two children are underwater explorers, and the sea is their home. The submarine which they live in has many features to help them accomplish missions on which they are sent. Ant and his sister Fontaine have learned many skills and are carefully trained in safety by their parents.

The story begins with Ant having some free time. He decides to explore a kelp forest that their ship has just spotted. The young boy has a special suit which he dons, and with the help of an engine built into the suite, swims towards the kelp. As the kelp sways to and fro with the current, a mound of sand is disturbed. Curious, Ant brushes at the sand with his hand and comes up with a metal, circular disk. He is amazed at his find and quickly returns to the Aronax, the submarine where they live.

His family are amazed at the ancient markings on the disc. As they are sailing along it becomes obvious that there is a problem with the submarine’s steering. They are caught in a net which has been spread by a pirate. It is the children’s job to get into the small craft on the ship, and free the net from their propeller. They do this, but not without meeting the pirate, who catches sight of the ancient disc which Ant has brought with him. This is to cause many anxious moments later on.

When the children are back on board, the radio crackles with a message from the head of the Worldwide Oceanic Association. There is a disturbance in the South China Sea, and they want the Nekton family to investigate and resolve the issue. On the old map the family have, the area seems to be close to a place called the Dragon Hole. But everyone knows there are no dragons now ……?

Dragon Rider is an enjoyable adventure story with the feel of a computer game. As Ant and his sister move from one situation to another it is like they are manipulating the controls. There are so many possibilities and so many adventures to be explored that you can’t help but turn the pages.


Author Finn Black
Publisher Bloomsbury Childrens Books
ISBN 9781408898734
Distributor Bloomsbury Childrens Books
Released November 2018