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The Deep 2 Selkie Warrior

The Nekton family is once again involved in great oceanic adventures. They work for a world-wide organization, exploring the oceans and keeping them safe. Anteus, or Ant and his sister Fontaine are the main characters in these stories, and their parents have trained them to use all equipment safely. There has been interference with their submarine’s monitoring equipment, and so as the family heads for the Arafura Sea, they are unaware that a cyclone is approaching.

Their ship is damaged by the storm, but luckily the parents are skilled navigators, and they bring the sub to safety on an Island. Mother has to repair the damage their ship has sustained, while father works on the computer. The children leave the ship to search the island and see if they can find what vessel was in the ocean and if it was damaged also, when it ran into them.

What they come across is a Selkie, a type of mermaid with a metal tail which propels her along at fast speeds. This Selkie looks to be seriously unwell, but as the children approach, she grabs Ant’s backpack containing his pet fish and also a circular device which may contain information about a lost civilization.

Again, we have action aplenty. There are dangerous stone fish and sharks, who make chasing after the Selfie quite tricky. Eventually the children track her down in a forest of sea grass, and the battle begins.

This great adventure story shows resourceful children, who are independent and well trained. There are a few graphic novel type illustrations, but the chapters flow on as the adventure escalates. Following on from the TV series, this is a must read for those who enjoy tales of the sea.


AuthorFinn Black
PublisherBloomsbury Childrens Books
DistributorBloomsbury Childrens Books
ReleasedNovember 2018